Detoxifying Marine Algae Wrap 90min $225

Combining the richness of sea plants, algae, marine minerals and plant essences, this is a deeply-detoxifying treatment. A full-body exfoliation with pure Canadian Sea Salts softens the skin, before a warm marine algae body mask is applied and the body is cocooned in a comforting wrap. 

A soothing scalp massage is performed for complete comfort and total relaxation, while to finish, an enlivening lotion is massaged into the skin to leave the body feeling completely rejuvenated.

Body Balance Salt Glow 60min $180

Restore your body’s balance with salt therapy exfoliation, which is designed to relieve stress and fatigue while gently stimulating the body’s circulation. This treatment begins with warm soothing oils massaged into the skin, followed by a Himalayan salt and plant essence therapy exfoliation. 

This treatment, which uses Himalayan pink salt, sweet orange, geranium, lavender and rosewood, naturally promotes deep and restful sleep, and is particularly recommended following periods of travel or strenuous exercise.

Spa Lucca Signature Aroma Massage 60min $130 or 90min $190

Combining the healing power of touch with Sodashi’s unique techniques, this deeply relaxing massage encourages an increase in lymphatic circulation and helps balance the body’s energy. The synergy of natural plant oils and aromatic plant essences nourish the skin and help relieve emotional and physical tension.

To achieve serenity, we use a combination of cardamom, palmarosa, mandarin, frankincense, apricot oil and sweet almond oil, which promote calmness, inner-peace and tranquillity, helps with sleeplessness and reduces fatigue. The body is re-energised with lime, grapefruit, rosewood and ylang ylang.

Hot Stone Massage 90min $245 or 60min $165

Heated volcanic stones radiate their warmth into the surrounding body tissue and muscles, increasing blood circulation as well as decreasing stress tension and stiffness.

The healing power of heated volcanic basalt stones is used in this strong rhythmic treatment that decreases muscle tension while balancing and soothing your body. 

Tension Release Massage (Deep Tissue) 60min $160 or 90min $235

Focused and intense, this massage works deep into the layers of your body tissue to provide relief to sore, tired muscles. 

Pregnancy Massage 60 min $160 or 90min $235

This treatment is specifically designed for mums-to-be in their second or third trimester. Relax and enjoy a massage that improves circulation, eases muscle discomfort, calms the nervous system, increases positive energy and promotes peaceful sleep.